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The process … creativity seems to start as energy that at first is external. I feel as if I walk in to it. Something tangible I come into contact with that sometimes slowly and sometimes quickly enters my consciousness and then takes hold in more of a physical feeling. Often it begins when I’m in nature or as I’m between the states of moving through my day somewhat automatically and then one of my senses is triggered and I become engaged  in the mid process which I then witness almost as if it’s happening in front of me and I am both inside and outside myself. I am fully aware of the process I describe it as flow. The way the ideas begin to form and the senses are awakened. There becomes an urgency to communicate visually and  I must assemble my materials and begin to move the energy to the canvas.  With photography I try to capture what is hyper focused through the camera lens. I am engaged as the observer, looking through a viewfinder. . This concept was introduced to me through meditative writings of various authors and it described exactly what my experiences  were . I was observing myself as the unconscious energy was manifesting and beginning to take form before I engaged with the art materials. Sometimes the flow is so forceful I feel rushed in getting it out and other times it’s a gentle stirring . There is a formation of ideas in my mind that are not independent of images Often, the final work itself doesn’t look like what perhaps I’d imagined at first as it becomes a transformation of the universal to the personal. I am rewarded with the conversations and connections  I make with the viewers who for many different reasons discuss their personal associations with my art . This relationship between viewer and the art, and the viewer and the artist is very rewarding. Essentially the process becomes an opportunity to move from the solitary environment of the studio and transforming energy to the canvas, to connecting  intellectually and personally with others. Individual and yet universal. Alone and yet together.

Sometimes there are very dark or upsetting moods that inspire my work and at other times it’s peaceful and can be joyous. Again I feel moved to use these emotions which in nature I think are transient but within me seem like they can settle in forever. The creative process acts as a continual cycle of being born, living both consciously and unconsciously. Experiencing  highs and lows, peace then unrest and clarity then confusion. These don’t need to settle in unlikely to be replaced, they can be recycled through the creative process. One thing for sure, it will happen again. Over and over I will meet the energy that will enter my consciousness and the process starts again.